5 Backyard Decor Ideas To Keep the Summer Fun Rolling Through Fall—and Beyond

We’ve loved our outdoor spaces all summer long, but with fall around the corner, is it time to bid the al fresco fun farewell?

Not on your life!

As proof, check out these five three-season-friendly upgrades for transitioning your backyard space into the chillier months ahead. From comfier and cozier seating options to DIY outdoor cooking setups that won’t get bogged down by bad weather, we’ve got something for every budget.

Behold five bespoke outdoor looks from Instagram that will keep you enjoying your outdoor living lifestyle well past the final days of summer.

1. Built-in sofa

No more chasing cheap-o foldable furniture around the yard during your next storm!

One of our favorite outdoor looks that can be enjoyed in summer and fall is this built-in sofa bench from @hendersonjayne.

“If you aren’t a fan of taking in your furniture or covering it in the off-season, this is a great low-maintenance way to incorporate a seating area without the extra hassle,” says designer Maddy Morgan DeVries, of Morgan Design Studio. “Built-in sofas feel as though they’re part of the architecture and allow your seating to mesh with the natural landscaping.”

2. Backyard fireplace

Another look we love that seems more like an architecture upgrade than decor-driven? This backyard fireplace from @puresaltinteriors, which feels like an essential part of this outdoor living oasis.

“A backyard fireplace is a great spot for entertaining as the seasons start to change and the air is a bit crisper,” says Madison Popper, designer and founder of Chill Casa. “It also creates a visual focal point in your backyard, which can leave a wonderful impression on your guests.”

3. Bohemian deck chair

We typically think of a papasan chair as an indoor decor piece, but with the cooler nights just around the corner, designs like this one from @hippie.tribe remind us it works wonderfully outside, too.

“If you’re a free spirit, then this bohemian deck chair encompasses all that and more,” says Popper. “It’s also the perfect seasonal item to transition into fall when you’re looking to be cozy while also incorporating eclectic patterns, textures, and colors.”

4. Turkish-inspired seating

Fall is the season of all things cozy and festive, and if you live in a dry climate, then this affordable and easy-peasy chic look from @chelseakloon might just be perfect for your outdoor living setup.

“Adaptability is what people want most, and for this, floor cushions are the way to go,” says designer Devin Shaffer, of Decorilla. “They’re the perfect way to add additional seating options while also adding a festive touch and softening the harshness of outdoor areas.”

5. Rustic three-season kitchen

Not ready to retire your grill for the season? Who says you have to? This rustic three-season kitchen setup from @espanyolet keeps all of your favorite outdoor cooking gear close at hand while still being protected from the elements.

“An outdoor kitchen essentially is a cozy retreat that enriches both your lifestyle and gatherings,” says Popper. “Having an outdoor kitchen is a true gem because it is something you can utilize all year round when it’s well equipped. Who doesn’t love fall dining al fresco?”

Article originally appeared on Realtor.com.