The latest RE/MAX National Advertising Campaign shines light on the importance of a real estate professional’s experience, skill, and compassion. It also helps RE/MAX continue to be the industry’s leader in brand awareness.

The old adage says knowledge is power. And in the ever-evolving housing market and economic landscape, the expertise of an experienced real estate agent is critical for homebuyers and sellers. Because when consumers have questions, they need answers from a trusted local professional.

This message is paramount throughout the RE/MAX brand’s advertising strategy in 2024 – and it’s a message RE/MAX affiliates can convey in their own marketing, too. The 2024 RE/MAX National Advertising Campaign is a comprehensive mix of content that underscores the value RE/MAX agents bring to each transaction.

“In a changing market, consumers seek guidance from a trusted source. This year presents amazing opportunities for RE/MAX affiliates to make a memorable impression online and in real life through educational, compassionate advertising,” says Abby Lee, RE/MAX Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

RE/MAX leads the real estate industry in brand awareness* – and its advertising efforts strengthen that position.

The 2024 campaign is a dynamic blend of new and existing content. Several popular TV ads from the past two years will continue to be available to RE/MAX affiliates – as will the tagline “The Right Agent Can Lead the Way.”

The renewed ads explore themes of connecting with family, navigating change, feeling empowered in making pivotal life decisions, and celebrating the joys of homeownership. They were created in partnership with award-winning creative agency Camp+King, and conceptualized based on extensive consumer research into what homebuyers and sellers want most from their real estate professionals.

For example, one ad tells the story of a child moving from their first house, the only place they’ve known. The vignette leans into the fears and emotions associated with change. Fortunately, however, the caring RE/MAX agent is able to help so that everyone is excited about the move.

In addition to still being able to leverage multiple versions of the most impactful ads, RE/MAX affiliates will see new advertising as well. Outdoor venues (billboards, bus stops, etc.), television, streaming platforms, and social media channels will feature new and timely creative concepts.

“We listen closely to the feedback of our audiences and use their voices to shape how we connect with the world. One factor that continues to be clear is the desire for relatability,” Lee explains.

In 2023, RE/MAX debuted one strand of its digital advertising efforts, dubbed “Text With an Agent.” These raw, authentic, and oftentimes humorous glimpses at daily life – framed with a real estate lens and a consumer’s need for a professional’s help – reached people online in a relatable way. As a result of the positive response of these posts, RE/MAX has created new Text With an Agent content that will be released in two batches.

All forms of RE/MAX advertising in 2024 are designed to convey that RE/MAX professionals assist homebuyers and sellers with the utmost hustle and heart. After all, RE/MAX agents average more sales than other real estate agents – and they have the experience to get the job done in today’s market.

Meeting consumers where they are

More than ever before, RE/MAX is helping agents meet consumers where they are: online. RE/MAX affiliates have multiple tools that simplify the process of creating social media content:

• MAX/Tech powered by kvCORETM – the exclusive CRM of RE/MAX with built-in digital creation tools
• Photofy – a marketing platform with exclusive RE/MAX features for customizing content
• RE/MAX Hustle – a tool built in-house to create commercials, edit video, and produce “hustle graphics”
• RE/MAX Marketing Portal – a comprehensive library of pre-made assets affiliates can easily download

Agents and teams can customize the RE/MAX commercials using RE/MAX Hustle by adding a unique end card complete with their contact info and headshot(s).

“At RE/MAX, we know how impactful it is to have a strong digital presence – but we also know that our highly productive agents are busy helping people buy and sell homes. Our objective is to produce professional, time-saving marketing assets that RE/MAX agents can customize with their own flair,” Lee says. “This is just one way RE/MAX gives serious professionals a competitive edge.”

Leveraging the brand itself is something RE/MAX agents can do to potentially benefit their business and help boost consumer awareness.

Built on an unshakable foundation strengthened over the course of decades, RE/MAX has a network of over 140,000 professionals, a presence in more than 110 countries and territories, and an iconic brand known across generations. When agents align with RE/MAX, they tap into the power to leverage the recognition of a time-tested, consumer-trusted brand – one reinforced by billions of advertising dollars spent over the years.

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.com.