DiVito Dream Makers

“How can we ever thank you all enough? What a ride this past six months has been. And look where we are now! We absolutely love our new home, and we’ve had some fun painting and such with it. Thank you so much for your patience, hardwork and diligence with us! Even though I said I didn’t want to visit the office any more, I really did have a nice time visiting with you all! Anyone who hints toward needing a realtor – you know what we tell them. You truly are our Realtor for Life!” 

— Sincerely, Rusty, Hannah, Russele & Harrison

“DiVito Dream Makers are an excellent group of individuals to work with. They are on top of every detail and always ready willing and able to answer all questions and help you get the answers you need on any questions. Entire group is very competent!!” 

— “Knuckles534” on Zillow.com


“Amanda, Wow! Words cannot express how thankful I was to have you. There was some type of divine intervention when I chose you. There has been no one, in my experience, as professional and thoughtful as you are. You were there for me in a very crazy time and brought sunshine to my world. Please keep in touch, and again, thank you so very much for just being you.”

– Rhonda J.

“Amanda, I just wanted to say again how much I have appreciated your expertise, advice, and input throughout this process. I feel like I’ve gained a good friend along with a new house. It has been a pleasure to have you walk this new, scary, and exciting road with me. Thank you for being someone I could trust going to bat for me, talking me off the ledge (more than once), patiently answering all of my (endless) questions without making me feel like a total dork, and continually encouraging me along the way. You are a total Rock Star! I’m so thankful I had you on my side. This would have never happened without you along for the ride. I hope you’ll join me for a celebratory drink (or two) on my deck after we close!”

— Love, Kristin

“Amanda, Sabrina and I would like to thank you for all of your assistance throughout our relocation process. We are glad to have found such an honest and cool REALTOR! Without your help, who know where we would be at this point? We are happy to have “landed” in Highlands Ranch, we love it already! Thanks for handling the home inspection & closing in our absence. Your help was integral to making our move go so smoothly. If we know anyone else moving to the area, we will be sure to refer them to you.”

— Thanks for Everything, Jason and Sabrina

“There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Amanda is. Amanda is not just a realtor. She truly cares about you, your family, and the decisions that you are making. Years ago Amanda talked us out of buying a larger, much more expensive house because she knew that wasn’t an overall good  decision for our family. She sat down with us, asked us about our goals and dreams, and came up with a plan to get us there. She could have made a great commission on that house but she cared more about doing the right thing for our family. I have called her countless times with ideas and thoughts and she has always taken the time to talk to me and provide her guidance/advice. I trust her whole heartedly and our family will always only use her!”

— “Deannestolte” on Zillow.com

“I have worked with several realtors in multiple states over the years. Amanda is absolutely the best. She is unmatched in market knowledge and deal negotiation experience. She has helped us on the buying side and selling side and she has demonstrated her abilities in both. I now live out of state, but if I have the opportunity to move back to Colorado, Amanda will be the first person I call for help.”

— “Gcorasiniti” on Zillow.com


“Joe and team, Thank you so much for helping us achieve our dreams! The communication and professionalism of The DiVito Dream Makers helped this be a stress-free experience. We won’t blink an eye when referring our family and friends. We know they are in great hands with you! Thanks again and God bless.”  

— Linsey & Jason

“Many thanks Joe…It is wonderful to have old friends from Steamboat! Thank you so very much for all your time, effort, patience and persistence in helping me purchase a townhome in Denver. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and efficiency of your staff… And all the time you spent with me, in person and on the phone was extraordinary! I’ve never had such great service from a real estate company. You treat every client very specially. I am real excited about my new townhome. It is fun, albeit a lot of work to fix up. But it is worth the time and effort. I think real estate is one of the best investments a person can make. It can only appreciate in value while serving as a home for us. We all think you are just great! Many thanks, Joe! I will recommend your real estate services and expertise to others. Hope to see you soon.”

— Warm Regards, Linda

“Thanks for being our agent …I just wanted to say thank you for being our agent and for helping us find such a beautiful home. I can only image that we would be considered an agent’s nightmare. We were indecisive, easily discouraged, and overly anxious when it came to the purchase of our new home. Yet, with each question we asked, you answered truthfully and with a smile; every time we complained, you comforted us; and each time we were discouraged you smiled and said “don’t worry”. I still remember our first meeting, where you spent two hours explaining Denver and the current housing market, listening to our goals and desires and answering all of our questions. There is no doubt in my mind after that first meeting, that we had found the right guy for the job. It still amazes me, that in such a seller’s market, you managed to find such a great deal on a beautiful house. It is everything that we were looking for. Rest assured that anytime I meet someone looking to purchase a home in the Denver area, the first words from my mouth will be “Joe DiVito is the best”. Thanks again for everything you have done.”

— Sincerely, Daniel


“Great experience, Jerry went above and beyond on all aspects of listing and selling the house. Had great ideas for open house and house had multiple contracts after the initial weekend.”

— “User0481670” on Zillow.com

“Jerry did an excellent job in selling my home, especially as I had already moved out of town, and he contacted the various companies that were required to do work at the house to bring it up to the mortgage companies standards.”

— “Pearlathome” on Zillow.com

“Jerry is very knowledgeable and a great person to work with. He answered every question no matter how small and was always responsive to our every call to see homes on the market. After finding a home he again responded every time we needed to visit our target home. Wonderful human being!”

— “Enzo4748” on Zillow.com

“Jerry is very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly person. He made our first-time home purchasing experience easier in this heated Denver housing market. We cannot thank him enough for his support and care. We recommend Jerry and his Remax agent office for those who looking for a good real estate  agent who you can trust.”

— “Zuser20160322100612441” on Zillow.com

“When my wife and I first met Jerry we knew we had found our match. We truly developed a great relationship during our search, offer and closing. He worked hard for us, but more importantly gave us sound advice throughout the entire process. He is very knowledgable of all things real estate and we  both highly recommend using him for the search of your dream home, fixer upper, rental and whatever else is out there. Jerry, Kelly and I personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

— “Jpfuenz” on Zillow.com


“Words cannot describe how fantastic it was to work with Justin!   We were buying and selling, which is never fun, and he moved us through the process effortlessly.  We were able to move out of our old home and then into our new home on the same day!  This was possible because of Justin’s hard work, knowledge and determination to make the whole situation seamless.  He is charismatic, always fun to be around and most importantly was ALWAYS available to answer our questions.  He is understandably the best at what he does!”  

— Mindy White

“Justin, Amanda and the whole DiVito Dream Makers team made our home buying experience wonderful! They listened to our needs and were able to not only help us find the perfect house, but give us the competitive edge during a multiple offer situation. They were very responsive and answered any  questions we had during the entire transaction. Great knowledge of the area and home buying process. Highly recommended!”

— “Katiokelley” on Zillow.com

“Justin was very attentive to me and my needs during the home buying experience. He was quick to answer any questions i had. He worked closely with me and my lender to make this a smooth transaction.”

— “Jennellb1586” on Zillow.com

“Justin helped my husband and me find and purchase our first home in a very competive market. We could not have asked for a better agent! He was always available, would examine the home like he himself was purchasing it, and was a pleasure to work with across the board. It was clear that both Justin  and the DiVito team are highly respected in the area, and I could not recommend them more!”

— “Stephsmith16” on Zillow.com


“Logan helped my wife and I while locating a residence in suburban Denver. We were on a very tight time schedule and had little to no experience with the Denver market. However, we had been through the process of buying/selling a residence about 7 times in the last 25 years; we like to work efficiently with a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Logan’s work was spectacular, the best help I have ever had in real estate in 25 years, including home buying/selling, condominium purchase, and rental property. She went well out of her way to present herself professionally from start to finish (helped a lot by her legal background, I think), but most surprising to me was her help and commitment to us AFTER the sale-long after-when she had nothing more to gain financially. Needless to say, I can’t recommend Logan too highly.”

— “Peeps47” on Zillow.com

“Aside from a keen lawyer/realtor mind and extensive market knowledge, Logan has a huge heart. It shows in every touch point of the home buying journey. You can rest assured that she has your best interests in mind every step of the way. She also knows all the clauses and best practices, which was evident in us getting the first house we bid on. This is all but unheard of in the Denver market, but she made it happen. She knew which areas are set to appreciate and helped us find a house in an appreciating area, where sweat equity was possible, but not necessary to begin. It couldn’t have worked out more in our favor. She’s a fantastic person and her perfect 5 star review record is more than a testament to this. Trust in Logan and you won’t regret it.”

— Kaitie Moore on Zillow.com

“Logan has been our agent buying and selling several properties. We continue to come back to Logan because she is the best in the field. She is set apart by her keen ability to navigate the transaction process and is always several steps ahead of everyone. As a former attorney, she is able to  hold many pieces of information in her mind at once, see multiple solutions to any given problem and communicate effectively with other agents. We trust her implicitly and are so grateful for the support she has given us over the years.”

— “Amandakathrynfox” on Zillow.com

“What makes Logan stand out from other realtors is that she takes the time to listen and to understand her client’s goals. That meant we didn’t waste time looking at properties that were not a fit. She presented pertinent information and pointed out pitfalls. She offered professional advice during negotiation and, once under contract, she represented my interests very well and was diligent about contracts. Logan clearly benefits from the experience she has already gained in the industry and used it to move me smoothly and successfully through the process of home buying, keeping me informed all the way. She is courteous, knowledgeable and professional and I strongly recommend using her.”

— “Alison977” on Zillow.com

“Logan helped us purchase a home while we were relocating from another state, and we hardly knew anything about the areas surrounding Boulder and Denver. Her helpful can-do attitude and  knowledge of the greater Denver and Boulder area assisted us in landing in a neighborhood that met our budget and fits well with our lifestyle. She took extra time while we were in town to shows us homes that hit the market on a daily basis, and was very flexible to make the most out of our tight schedule. If you’re concerned about the price of selling the home in the future, she will give you her honest opinion of what she thinks is the growth potential for the area you are looking. In times when the housing market is so competitive, you need a well-versed and proactive Realtor to help you find houses, show them to you, help you write an educated and fair offer, and hopefully put your dream home under contract. We’re so glad we had Logan guiding us in our home-buying journey, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home.”

— “Boulderguthrie” on Zillow.com


“Stacey is a very knowledgeable and her ability to keep you informed of the steps needed to make a smooth transition are unparalleled. She is very responsive to all your questions and her office provides the attention and support to make her shine. Her ability to make the process of buying a home  seem simple is one of her great attributes, as I found it easy to get caught up and worry about details that made me lose focus on the overall goal. I would highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.”

— “S97flhri” on Zillow.com

Stacey’s tenacity and sense of urgency really set her apart from the typical agent. I have purchased homes in 3 states now and the market out in Denver is nuts currently so having Stacey was key to helping us win our ideal home at a reasonable price. Stacey puts her clients first and every time I  called she picked up no matter what time of day or what she was doing and she responded to questions and requests with an hour or less. She made sure we weren’t taking advantage of and she understand how to structure good offers and counters to win the deal.”

— “tkunkel” on Zillow.com

“Stacey is one of the most responsive and pleasant human beings I have come across in this life. Without her help we would not have ended up with a quality home and an easy transaction experience. She went above and beyond of what one expects from an agent and I recommend her without hesitation.”

— “idrobnjak” on Zillow.com

Stacey went above and beyond to deal with our crazy transaction. She professionally provided information about her company, walked us through to give us realistic expectations for the process. She was very responsive to all our questions and concerns and connected us through her network with  trustworthy resources. She had a great working relationship with the selling agent which helped things go more smoothly when dealing with the seller. I was so grateful to have her and her team cheering us on and brainstorming together to ensure we could get our home. Thank you!!!!”

— Nina telthorst on Zillow.com

Stacey is a highly professional agent. She spent time getting to know me so she’d find the perfect home. Her business savvy, knowledge of the regulations, her expertise with the geographical area, and her negotiation skills are superb. Stacey was always there for me! I highly recommend her to  anyone looking to buy a home without undue frustration!”

— “user4678102” on Zillow.com