Loan Fraud Info


That 25% of all loans originated today have some form of loan fraud involved in them?

Were you interested in being involved in loan fraud?…

I didn’t think so, and neither are we.

Loan Fraud Info

“Loan fraud requires a misstatement of a material fact to a lender. Sometimes the schemes are orchestrated by persons who assure the other participants that “this is done all the time” and that he or she has never had a problem with it. The person directing the scheme may be telling the truth. Lenders tend not to notice loan fraud unless the loan goes into default. Over the last decade or so we have had a strong real estate economy. Appreciation tends to cover up loan fraud. But declining property values have begun to reveal problems. People in the real estate industry should be especially vigilant to avoid misleading mortgage investors about the true price which the buyer pays for the property.”

–Jonathon A. Goodman, Esq.


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