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Pros And Cons Of Buying A Historic Home

Interested in buying a house that preserves your town’s history and culture? Learn the upsides and downsides from historic property experts. When purchasing a historic home, buyers should be aware of unique parameters and responsibilities that come with living in a timeless residence. Are you considering buying a home built before your time? Here are […]

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How To Create a Hummingbird Hangout in Your Garden

Hummingbirds have long been considered a symbol of joy and happiness and are said to bring good luck and positive energy to those who encounter them. So why not keep the good vibes going by creating a hummingbird hangout in your garden that can ensure these beautiful creatures return year after year? “Adding a hummingbird-friendly spot […]

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Milestone Move: Timely Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

Why finding a qualified real estate expert can help make the home-buying process more enjoyable. Are you done paying someone else’s mortgage (goodbye, rent money!) and ready to find a home to call all your own? As a first-time homebuyer, the process of purchasing real estate can be daunting. If you’re soon to buy your […]

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6 Bedroom Improvements That’ll Help Sell Your Home Faster—and for More Money

You’re ready to list your house—but are your dated bedrooms a turn-off to prospective buyers? Today’s buyers are more focused than ever on finding luxe master suites that double as relaxing retreats. “Pre-pandemic, nobody really cared about the bedroom. Now, people need somewhere to get away,” says Brad Whittaker, an agent with Realty ONE Group […]

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How To Grow Sunflowers To Beautify Your Garden and Decontaminate the Soil

With their vibrant yellow petals, set off by fuzzy brown centers, sunflowers easily steal the show in any garden or bouquet. “Sunflowers have an uncanny ability to make you happy. Whether they’re bright yellow or burnt orange, they bring a sense of warmth and joy to a home,” says Alison Katz, a gardening expert for […]

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