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4 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

Square footage determines how big a home is, but painting, furnishings and decorating can affect how big a home feels. Looking to make a small space feel bigger? A few simple cosmetic changes can help. Consider these 4 ways to make any small space in your home appear more spacious.

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First Impression, Lasting Impact: Entryway Essentials

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and neither does your house. When potential buyers open the front door, they form an opinion within seconds. Whether the space is grand or petite, entryway staging can influence a client’s perspective on the entire house. To avoid a negative first impression, consider these tips for staging a stellar entryway.

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Prepare Now To Buy Later

Getting organized and being prepared is the best way to combat the stress associated with moving. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, trekking far away or staying close by, the homebuying process can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. If moving is in your near future – but not happening quite yet – here’s how to get a leg-up on the process.

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Top Home Features For A Post-Quarantine World

As many schools and businesses have gone virtual to help minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, people find themselves spending more time at home than ever. The experience has some homebuyers reconsidering which features they want in their next home, especially if working remotely and social distancing continue. Here are four home features buyers may be on the lookout for, according to RE/MAX real estate agents.

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Three Things To Help You Buy A Home This Summer

While browsing home listings can easily inspire daydreaming, calculating the down payment can quickly bring many homebuyers back down to earth. Yet many first-time buyers may be closer to homeownership than they think. Several options and resources may exist to help make buying a home more attainable.

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Is Your Home Trying to Kill You?

Home is where you feel comfortable and safe. Without your care and vigilance, however, your home may develop conditions that can make you severely ill — or even kill you. Here are 5 ways your home can potentially harm you and expert advice on keeping these issues from affecting your household.

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Modern-Day Tips for Arranging Your Furniture

Today’s couches are so much more than the three-seater pieces of days past. Sometimes, it can feel challenging to find the best layout for your room. This guide provides solutions for arranging uniquely-shaped sofas comfortably in any space.

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The Hidden Potential Of In-Law Suites

In-law suites have redefined the idea of living together. Over the years, they’ve gained popularity, too. These “homes-within-the-home” are stylish accommodations for in-laws, returning children, or overnight/weekend guests. They come in all shapes and sizes – from a garage studio apartment to a first-floor master bedroom or a refinished basement. Here are three important things to know about homes with in-law suites.

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