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Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent To Purchase A New Construction Home

The idea of a customized, new residential construction house is enticing to some prospective homeowners, but the process to get there can be grueling. Working with a buyer’s agent along the way can help ensure you negotiate the best price possible and avoid setbacks. Traditional selling points like historic charm in existing homes may not […]

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Buying a Home in Your 30s? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Pop quiz: What’s the average age when most people buy their first home? Thirty-four, according to the credit reporting company Experian. And if you’re near that age and thinking of buying a home, the decision to proceed probably has a lot to do with your life’s journey thus far. “Homebuyers in their 30s tend to […]

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Great Deal or Ghostly Feel? The Myths Behind Mysterious Home Features

Ideal location, renovated appliances, and maybe haunted. Some houses contain these quirky features sure to raise eyebrows. Creaking floorboards, crackling fireplaces and unique windows are just a few features to love in older homes. And in some locales – especially across New England states – these historical features reveal eerie stories of life many centuries […]

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How to Paint Over Dark Walls: 7 Pro Tips for Painting Over Dark Colors

Imagine this: You’ve been house hunting for months and finally found the place of your fantasies. It’s the perfect size, in great condition, and within your budget—it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. The only problem? All of the walls are covered in deep blues, rich reds, and—dare we say—grim but oh-so-trendy black. Before you know it, […]

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Exhausted Buyers: Here’s How to Reinvigorate Your Home Search

RE/MAX agents share time-tested tips and tricks for buyers to stay motivated during their real estate journeys amid a fickle seller’s market. In many U.S. locales, the housing market is roaring. It’s great news for sellers, but perhaps less-welcomed news for buyers, who may be feeling the ups and downs of a competitive market. Angelica […]

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5 Low-Maintenance Ideas for Yards in Drier Climates

You’ll never have to mow the lawn again with these eco-friendly alternatives to grass. There’s a harsh reality to how much water is required to maintain a luscious lawn. And in many dry and arid climates, supporting a grassy front and back yard is unsustainable. If you live in a desert-like climate or are looking […]

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