Summer officially begins next week—and its languid days and breezy nights will soon have us popping in and out of the house. The easy beauty of this season often inspires us to mimic the clean aesthetic in all of our interiors.

One such space that looks especially good decorated in uncomplicated summerlike fashion? The kitchen.

Elegant vintage pieces, pale dreamy colors, and understated metallic accents are just some of the ways designers are adorning their summer kitchens this season.

So go ahead and ditch the heavy winter drapes and textiles and opt instead for some lighter, pared-down culinary wares and fixtures by browsing this list we’ve gleaned from the design world of Instagram.

1. Vintage breakfast table

When it comes to building a simple yet elegant kitchen design, sturdy vintage pieces like this breakfast table from @attpynta offer a great—and affordable—place to start.

“This trend thrives on nostalgia and functionality,” says designer and architect Pam Hutter, of Hutter Architects. “Vintage tables evoke warmth and a sense of history, making them ideal for creating inviting kitchen spaces. Their craftsmanship and often smaller size fit perfectly into breakfast nooks, promoting intimate family gatherings.”

Get the look: Shop your local flea market, or opt instead for this Courtdale solid-wood dining table.

2. Moorish floor tiles

To create a space that looks upscale without being overdone, it helps to incorporate design elements that really pull their weight—like these Moorish-inspired floor tiles from @cleandecors.

“Traditional Moroccan-inspired star designs are a popular choice for kitchen floors,” says Damla Turgut, designer and founder of Otto Tiles & Design. “Whether you prefer a traditional black-and-white design or a more modern color combination, this classic Moorish pattern will work in many different types of kitchens, adding a beautiful, graphic touch, which will elevate the overall spatial aesthetic.”

Get the look: Create a classic kitchen look with these Moorish-inspired star blue floor tiles.

3. Subtle blue-gray cabinets

Another classy but simple look we love in summer kitchens? This new take on neutrals with these cabinets from @tomhowleykitchens painted in a barely-there blue-gray hue.

“This trend is popular for creating a serene, calming atmosphere while maintaining a sophisticated and timeless look that allows other design elements to shine,” says lead interior designer Anna Tatsioni, of Decorilla. “This shade pairs perfectly with white countertops and chrome hardware for a clean, modern look.”

Get the look: Grab a can of Iceberg and get to work repainting your kitchen cabinets.

4. Modular shelving

One of our favorite design aspects of simple kitchens is the tendency toward displaying dishes and other cookware. This elegant shelving from @_ranagunes_ allows for all that and more.

“Functionality and aesthetics converge here, making modular shelving a popular trend,” says Hutter. “These shelves offer flexibility, allowing homeowners to adapt their storage to changing needs. Their clean, straightforward design maximizes space and keeps the kitchen uncluttered.”

Get the look: Display your favorite cookbooks and culinary wares with this Collette wall shelf.

5. Modern disc pendant

For the ultimate elegant-meets-understated kitchen, the perfect little light, especially if it’s as gorgeous as this one from @lizmearns, goes a long way.

“Disc pendants are popular for their clean lines and simple silhouette,” says Tatsioni. “They are sleek and contemporary while also being sculptural and minimalist. These lights provide task lighting without overwhelming the space, making them ideal for over the sink or breakfast bar.”

Get the look: Give your summer kitchen the perfect task and mood lighting with this Del dimmable pendant.

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