5 Creative and Inexpensive Ways To Elevate Your Guest Room Decor

Having a spare bedroom makes hosting guests infinitely easier. But when it comes to decorating the guest room to accommodate visitors, many homeowners are unable—or unwilling—to spend lots of money on stylish decor.

Rooms that get more use, like your main bedroom, get the bulk of your budget, while the sporadically used guest room is usually filled with leftover or unimaginative furnishings.

As you begin to think about prepping your home for another season of hosting family and friends, we’re guessing your guest room could use a pick-me-up.

Maybe you recently moved or have just been putting off a much-needed overhaul of the spare bedroom. Whatever the reason, this week’s roundup of trending Instagram decor offers up a host of impeccably decorated guest rooms. Ahead, we break down the best aspects of each room and how you can replicate the look in your own home on the cheap.

1. Pattern clash

Matching is majorly overrated as seen in this maximalist look from @themaximalistdreamer. Here, the homeowner embraces a popular technique called pattern clash, which can be done on any budget.

“Make your guests feel cozy with pattern on pattern on pattern,” says designer Allison Garrison, of Allito Spaces. “The key here is to have fun and don’t take it too seriously.”

To nail the pattern clash trend, Garrison says to pick mismatched patterns in a unifying color. Don’t be afraid to throw in an oddball color or texture like the green lamp seen above.

2. Rustic library

Have a surplus of books lying around? Then why not make them into something beautiful, like this rustic library guest space designed by @astrosoundscapes.

“Old books are a vibe—and a good one at that,” says Garrison. “They add the perfect amount of interest and depth to a guest room—the older and more tattered, the cooler. You can find great used books at estate sales or your local library.”

3. Romantic attic canopy

This one is for all the homeowners with attic guest spaces. We know just the thing to transform your small guest room into the dreamiest room in the whole house. It all starts with a canopy like this one seen in a post by @cozyhommes.

“I love this romantic, little shabby-chic guest room,” says Megan Nelson of Nest with the Nelsons. “Bright and airy dreams await in this gorgeous little romantic attic complete with a cozy canopy, chunky knit layered blanket, and adorable floral accents.”

4. Hotel-worthy linens

If you aren’t sure where to start with a guest room makeover, upgrading the bedding should be one of the first to-do items on your list. Overnight visitors will be grateful to fall asleep in crisp sheets made of natural linen or cotton. And we love the traditional look of the luxury linens seen in this post from @somethingmooreinteriors.

“Those classic, hotel-worthy linens are just what guests desire,” says Nelson. “Sign me up for a stay in this showstopper suite!”

5. Wallpapered headboard wall

Apply patterned wallpaper to the headboard wall to make a bold design statement your guests won’t forget. We’re inspired by this thoughtful, glamorous design by @alvinwayne.

“A bit nervous to use wallpaper? Take some risks in the guest bedroom,” says Garrison. “Get the wow factor while saving some dough by only wallpapering the headboard wall—there are endless colors and patterns for everyone’s tastes.”

Article originally appeared on Realtor.com.