From Summer Blues to Harvest Hues: Simple Ways to Transition a Backyard Into a Haven Buyers Will “Fall” in Love With

divito dream makers, denver dream making, making dreams come true, denver, arvada, colorado, backyard, fall, summer, transition, season, hue, autumn, real estate, real estate team, residential real estate, buy, sell, house, home, dream home, dream houseDaylight is dwindling, temperatures are dropping; it’s time to cover up the grill, toss the flowers and retire the patio furniture to the garage, right? Not so fast! Remember that backyard appeal can be just as important as curb appeal to potential buyers – all year long. Here are 5 easy ways to spice up any backyard to impress buyers and simultaneously transition it from summer to fall.

  1. Say goodbye to vibrant petals – and hello to burgundy blooms!

Beautiful summer flowers have long since wilted, but that doesn’t mean plants are off-limits until spring. Transition into seasonally appropriate plants. Pansies and garden mums survive winter weather and are stylish. Feeling creative? Consider stacking this inexpensive wooden plant ladder with fresh herbs or fall flowers.

  1. Find the best seat in the house

Provide your backyard with cozy versatility. Draping machine-washable throw blankets over outdoor seating acts as an invitation to curl up. Exchange bold-colored summer pillows for shades like burgundy and burnt-orange, or even classic plaid, to foster a cabin-like feeling.

  1. Gather ’round the fire

Compact fire pits are the perfect accompaniment to fall. There are wood-burning options or gas-burning options. If the thought of flames ablaze in your yard isn’t appealing, then consider a fuss-free heat lamp instead.

  1. Get your head in the game!

A home shouldn’t be too personalized during a showing, but it should show some signs of life. To make a backyard look like a place to lounge and play, include games and entertainment that double as decor such as cornhole. Playful touches give the backyard character and show it can be a gathering place.

  1. Hang vintage bulbs for a modern feel

Weather-proof string lights are now a staple for cultivating an appealing backyard during the day or night. They set the mood, create a starry-ambiance and provide extra lighting. Wrap the lights around porch railings, weave them through a pergola or simply hang them in the air.

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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