5 De-cluttering Tips for Your Kitchen

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1. Use it or move it

If you don’t use a mixer, food processor, or other tool more than once a week, stash it in a cupboard. Counter space is precious real estate.

2. Wall-to-wall organization

Mount a rack on your wall for storing all those things that tend to pile up on your kitchen table and counters – like mail, to-do lists and receipts.

3. Look up

The space on top of your wall cabinets and fridge are great places for wire baskets that let you see the contents, or fabric bins that hide things from view.

4. What’s behind Door #1?

Place over-the-door storage racks inside pantry doors to free up counter space.

5. Hang ten

Or even a dozen. Keep lightweight items such as aprons, oven mitts, large utensils and towels off counters by mounting wall hooks.

If all the organization in the world won’t make you love your kitchen, it may be time to explore your options in a new home. Contact DiVito Dream Makers to find that dream home.

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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