The Coziest Christmas Porches To Put You in the Holiday Spirit—and How To Get the Look

The time is nigh for decking the halls, and if you’re seeking inspiration, look no further than the Christmas porches of Instagram. Featuring seasonal splendor, they’re so inviting you’ll want to transport yourself and visit each one.

If you think this kind of holiday decorating is out of reach, experts assure us it’s not. You can create a picture-perfect holiday vignette whether you have a deep front porch with a swing, a cozy seating area, or just enough room on the stoop for a bench.

Ready to boost your home’s Christmas curb appeal? These tips from the pros could help turn your front porch into the next Instagram sensation.

The easy basics of great porch design

When it comes to good porch design, our experts say less is more.

“The key to pulling off a cohesive look is really just keeping it simple,” says Annemarie Schumacher, founder of Schumacher Creative.

The first step is to choose a color scheme but not go overboard.

“Limit your color palette to no more than three colors,” Schumacher advises. “Or even consider keeping it monochromatic.”

Next, focus on what you want to base your design around. This could be an everyday furnishing, such as a porch swing or a holiday decor item you break out only once a year.

“Reach for a tall, pre-lit tree, a vintage sled, or even a trio of lanterns,” suggests Kelly Marohl, interior designer at Neutral Home Design.

Finally, add some fun props that will tie in with the color scheme.

“Fill in the remaining space with festive, cohesive accessories,” says Marohl. With these three steps in mind, let’s look at design takeaways from our Instagram porches.

Boughs of greenery

Earthy porch decor is understated but impactful—the epitome of quiet luxury—thanks to fresh, not fake, evergreens.

“There’s nothing quite like the festive charm of boughs of greenery around the holidays,” says Marohl. “Drape it around your front door for the ultimate curb appeal this Christmas. You can also consider hanging long, draping sections across your entire front porch or even smaller sections around your windows.”

Shop the look: Fresh cedar and fir boughs are available at Home Depot.

White lights

Colorful lights are always jolly during the holidays, but don’t overlook the magical effect that all-white lights can have.

“The shimmer of all-white lights is a classic and nostalgic look for the holiday season,” says Schumacher. “They create the same cozy mood of candlelight, bringing with their glow a peaceful sense of calm.”

White string lights are available on either a green or white wire. Choose white against the backdrop of a white porch or green if you’ll be stringing them among shrubbery—so the string “disappears” into the background.

Shop the look: Beautifully simple white incandescent lights are available on Amazon.

Holiday accent pillows

Throw pillows make great props, offering a pop of color that can pull a whole look together. Choose one with a seasonal message to set the tone, and add small accessories to tie the vignette together.

Another key to achieving this look is a pared-down color palette.

“Pick a consistent color scheme, whether that’s red and green, blues and metallics, or neutrals like white and gold,” advises Marohl.

Shop the look: You’ll find a price-friendly selection of holiday pillows at World Market.

A cozy throw

Does anything say “holiday vibes” more than a cozy blanket? Bonus: The red in this tartan throw picks up the colors in the rug and other accessories.

“You can find great plaids, holiday prints, or buffalo check flannel blankets—or even use a remnant from your local fabric store,” says Schumacher. “The texture it adds will make any space warm and festive.”

Shop the look: You’ll find personalized plaid throws at Mark and Graham.

Vintage toys

A bundle of toys is always good for stirring fond feelings of Christmases past.

“Create a vignette full of holiday spirit by grouping a few vintage items,” says Marohl. “Start by propping up an antique sled next to the front door for some added height. Next, set out a vintage Radio Flyer wagon with a small Christmas tree on top. Finally, stack some old skates in front of it all for eye-catching interest.”

Shop the look: You’ll find old sleds, figure skates, and red wagons on eBay.

Retro thermos bottle

Much-loved thermos bottles promising warming drinks are also visually appealing, sparking memories of good times spent sledding in the snow. And they’re practical, too, on chilly days when you want to take your hot cocoa out to the porch.

“Vintage holiday decor is extremely popular,” says Schumacher. “I love the pop of color this retro thermos brings to this front porch’s color scheme and the nostalgic feeling it evokes. And tartan plaid is a classic and timeless choice for Christmas decorating.”

Shop the look: You’ll find an array of retro thermos bottles on Etsy.

Article originally appeared on Realtor.com.