Top 7 Items Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Own

Top 7 Items Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Own

Congratulations, you’ve purchased your first home! Now you get to make the house a home. It will be one of the biggest interior design projects of your life, so we created this list of household essentials you may need. Here are the top 7 items every first-time homebuyer should own:


You’re finally standing in the kitchen of your dreams. You’re cooking up a meal, the timer dings on the oven, but when you reach for the oven mitt and/or dish towel – there isn’t one. Stock your drawers with a few dish towels and a quality oven mitt.


Unexpected repairs are unfortunate but likely in a new house. But thankfully, lots of things are easy fixes. Invest in a toolbox and fill it with essentials (i.e. screws, a screwdriver and hammer, nails and a measuring tape).


Life happens-and sometimes you need a toilet plunger. Plumbing situations can pan out one of two ways: just fine (if there’s a plunger available) or hideously ugly (when there’s no plunger). No need for more details on this one.

Living Room

After hours of research and trips to furniture stores, your new coffee table and side tables have arrived. Now you have people over to show off your new place. Do yourself a favor and invest in a set of cute coasters to save those new tables.

Top 7 Items Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Own


Unpacking boxes of clothes into your new closet is a very satisfying experience until you run out of hangers. Add an extra pack of hangers to your closet to keep everything organized as you build up your wardrobe.

Entertainment Room

You made an adult decision and turned that spare space into an entertainment room (at least until you have more kids.) Take your TV watching experience to the next level by investing in blackout curtains for your entertainment areas.


In the increasingly paperless world, it’s easy to forget how annoying it is when you need something stapled and there isn’t a stapler to be found. Keep a mini stapler and a backup box of staples to make life easier.

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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