Three Tips for Making Small Spaces Work for Your Family

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Small spaces aren’t the traditionally sought–after spaces for growing families. But with more millennial parents choosing to live a minimal lifestyle, families are adapting to life in homes with less square footage. If your family is downsizing by choice, or by necessity, then follow these 3 tips we found for creating a functional space that can support your growing family.

Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo

It’s time to purge! Take a tip from tiny home enthusiasts who have chosen to live a simpler life — downsizing means committing to decluttering. Re–gift, donate and sell unwanted items. Eliminate multiples and only keep items that spark joy — and have your kids help.

Every Item Has a Home, Every Space a Purpose

Being thoughtful about what items stay in your family’s space is just as important as figuring out where to store it. Families without the space for a designated playroom may want to consider where toys will be tucked away. Try rotating toys to save space, while helping kids get the most out of playtime.

Go Vertical

Some may say that floor space is the most valued space in a smaller home — but vertical is the way to go! Bookcases, coat racks and shoe trees are all great options for tiny spaces.
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Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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