11 Spots to Declutter Before An Open House

Primp Your Front Yard for Curb Appeal

Before you can successfully show off your house to anyone (or even take listing photos), you need to ensure your home is one people will want to live in: one that’s well organized and filled with ample storage space. Here is a list of 11 spots to de-clutter before an open house:

1. Primp the Front Yard for Curb Appeal

House hunters love to drive by listings and check out neighborhoods. Keep your front lawn trim and tidy — porch included — so you can make a positive first impression.

2. Tidy Hidden Storage Rooms So They Look Bigger

Believe it or not, people want to see inside your garage, utility closets and backyard sheds. Clean up (and perhaps invest in some industrial shelving) to make sure your storage rooms look spacious and organized.

3. Make the Entryway More Welcoming

An entryway sets the first impression of your place. Set up a sleek coat rack or accent table to keep yours organized and create an entrance that draws potential buyers in.

4. Clear the Way in the Hallways

A narrow hallway can make even the loftiest of homes feel cramped. Remove as much visual clutter as possible (i.e. hanging hooks, photographs, and other artwork).
Showcase the Living Room

5. Showcase the Living Room

Living rooms should always be orderly during open house showings. Clear out stacks of magazines, edit bookshelves, and even pair down throw pillows and table accessories that can make the room feel heavy and smaller than it actually is.

6. Curate What’s in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is prime with places for potential buyers to scrutinize. Keep countertops clean and clear. A good rule of thumb is to have no more appliances showing, and your pantry and cupboards curated. Clean out your refrigerator, freezer and under sink area, too, as they offer more sought-after storage space.

7. Keep Closets Streamlined

Whether it’s a hallway coat closet or a master suite walk-in, closets have a major big impact on prospective buyers. Box up off-season apparel — or even donate it — and remove extra hangers, so yours looks spacious and streamlined.

Beautify the Bathroom

8. Beautify the Bathroom

Organize everything from your countertops to your linen closet and medicine cabinets (no one wants to see your makeup and toothbrushes!), so people can visualize what they’ll do with the space.

9. Put in Some Work in the Office

If you’re lucky enough to have a proper office in your home, rest assured your potential buyers will want to see it. File away or shred old papers, clear off your desk, and cover up unsightly computer cords to create a study area that people will actually want to work in.

10. Touch and Tidy Up Play Areas

Kid’s playrooms and pet’s play areas should be as tidy as any other bedroom. Limit the number of toys you keep out and make sure to have a nice storage bin to stash them all when they’re not being used.

11. Create a Covetable Laundry Room

While it might seem unnecessary, your laundry room also needs to make a good impression. Make sure all of your cleaning products are put away and floors and appliances are kept spotless to create the kind of laundry space prospective buyers will covet.

Story originally appeared on Apartment Therapy.

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