Smell Something? 7 Ways to Oust Odors

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Smell Something? 7 Ways to Oust Odors

Smell is an important sense. We use our noses to alert us to dangers, such as a fire or rotten food, but this sense can also be associated to certain memories. Whether you have an impending open house or are simply trying to freshen up your home, we have created this list of suggestions for getting rid of odors. Here are 7 ways to oust odors from 7 commonly smelly items:

1. Trash cans

After rinsing out a stinky garbage can with soap and water, stash a few scented laundry dryer sheets at the bottom to absorb odor.

2. Freezers

An old (clean) sock stuffed with coffee grounds can absorb the musty smell in your freezer. Coffee socks can also help de-mustify stale closets. Tie one to a hanger.

3. Litter Box

Extremely porous activated charcoal is a big-time odor absorber. Pet stores sell versions made especially for pet odors. Keep it near the litter box.

4. Carpet

When your carpet smells icky, try sprinkling baking soda. Let it sit for half an hour, then vacuum it up.

5. Dishwasher

Who wants to use a dishwasher that never smells quite clean? Pour white vinegar into a dishwasher safe cup and stick it in the top rack. Run the machine through its cycle. Though your kitchen will smell like vinegar for a bit, the inside of your dishwasher will soon be odor-free.

6. Basement

If a dehumidifier doesn’t help, try adding a dozen drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle of water and blasting the basement with this natural fungicide.

7. Refrigerator

Clear out smell by wiping down the wall with hydrogen peroxide.

Making sure your home smells fresh is just one of the critical things to do before an open house. DiVito Dream Makers can suggest other important steps. Just give us a call!

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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