How To Safely Tour A House For Sale

Erring on the side of caution is key when touring houses for sale during the COVID-19 pandemic – for your safety and that of the homeowners. To start a safe search, hop online before heading out the door. Right now is the perfect time to use virtual home search tools, like the RE/MAX Real Estate Search App, to narrow down the properties you’re most serious about. After doing so, here’s how to stay safe – and what to expect – while touring a house you may end up calling home.

1. Come prepared

Don’t forget protective face coverings when venturing out to tour a house. While some real estate agents may have extra masks on hand, you can’t assume they’ll have you covered. Bring along hand sanitizer, too, for squeaky clean hands before – and after – touching any surfaces (and try to keep touching to a minimum, if possible).

2. Abide by safety measures

Drive to the prospective property yourself rather than in the real estate agent’s car. This will reduce the amount of time spent together in confined spaces. And keep a safe, six-foot distance between yourself and anyone else in the home.

Additionally, take into account what local government orders are in effect for protective measures, like the maximum amount of people allowed to gather at one time. Abiding by the current mandates makes for a swift, hassle-free process and helps keep everyone safe.

3. Respect the agent’s wishes

The agent is responsible for communicating the wishes of the seller – especially under unusual circumstances like COVID-19. Remember that you are entering a home – someone’s safe space – during unsettling times. Be aware that the homeowner may have certain requests, like requiring visitors to wear gloves or shoe coverings, and is trusting the agent to make sure prospective buyers are taking precautions.

Unusual times call for unusual rules. Your agent may have special instructions, like having you ask for assistance before touching doorknobs or pulling open cabinets or drawers. For open houses, there may be a limit to the number of people in the home at one time. Anticipate that you may wait outside in queue to minimize crowding.

Feeling under the weather? Stay home and contact your agent to set a different time, access a virtual tour, or see the house via a platform like Zoom or FaceTime.

Article originally appeared on RE/MAX.

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