Curb Appeal Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend

curb appeal, home, house, dream home, dream house, project, weekend, divito dream makers, denver dream making, making dreams come true, remax. remax allianceWhen it comes to updating exterior, many homeowners balk due to lack of funds and time. There are plenty of quick, easy projects you can complete in just one weekend. Check out these 5 projects:

Clean up the exterior

You can refresh siding, steps and pathways with the help of a power washer or garden hose, making a big impact in very little time. Consider replacing faulty pavers and patching up the driveway.

Revamp your front door

Transform an average front door to a focal point with a fresh coat of paint. Color is one of this year’s biggest trends, so don’t be afraid to go bold. You’ll earn extra style points for coordinated hardware on the lockset, mailbox, and address numbers!

Install shutters

Decorative shutters can quickly add both color and depth and come in a variety of styles and materials. Installation is simple, especially if you’ve already got a drill in your toolbox, as exterior shutters simply screw into siding.

Install lighting

Properly planned and installed lighting increases safety, drama, and interest. Plus, whether wall sconce, in-ground or motion sensor, a little light ensures each charming feature is visible even after dark. Don’t discount sustainable options either, such as solar powered or LED.

Plant some flowers

Strategically placed flowers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to seriously boost curb appeal. Play around with color, layout and varietal to really help your property bloom.

Article originally appeared on Motto Mortgage.

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