“We found out on June 25 that Lindsey got a job offer that would require us moving to Dallas, TX – with a start date of August 1.  On top of that, we were heading out of state for our wedding on July 16 and would be gone for 10 days.  Amanda took all of this in stride and hit the ground running.  By the time we left for our wedding we had staging and photos complete and our listing was live.  We got an offer after the first weekend of showing!  Amanda walked us through all the rest of the contract process (including a second offer and closing) long-distance without missing a beat.  She was responsive, proactive, and graceful under pressure, and with us being long-distance, having her in the neighborhood was invaluable in terms of checking in and taking care of little things (like finding a glass our movers had missed!).  We highly recommend Amanda and the DiVito team.

Deane & Lindsey Bruner”

    Amanda helped me find a home in 2011 that was perfect for my family.  She made the process so easy.  IN 2016 when it was time to move, she and her team walked us through the selling process and got our asking price in 30 hours!  I would highly recommend her for either buying or selling!”                                                                                           –Clay C.

      Logan was fantastic! She was always available when we had questions or wanted tour a home. We would recommend Logan to anyone we know who needs a realtor. We LOVED working  with her!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      –Joel and Ann Marie

      Joe, Lisa and team, Thank you so much for helping us achieve our dreams! The communication and professionalism of The DiVito Dream Makers helped this be a stress-free experience. We won’t blink an eye when referring our family and friends. We know they are in great hands with you! Thanks again and God bless.              — Linsey & Jason


     Hey Amanda! Glad to be done with us? 🙂 I didn’t really get an opportunity to thank you today so I just wanted to pass along a quick email to thank you for all your hard work and late nights working with Erin and I on the purchase of the Summit Ranch house as well as the sale of 30th St. Although I have obviously never dealt with another Realtor, I truly believe you are the best in the business. I really appreciate the hours you put into each sale and purchase (I know there is life outside of work and can’t thank you enough for those late night phone calls and emails), the way in which you approach every issue with a level head, and overall knowledge of entire process which I think many Realtor’s don’t know. I think Ken and Glori were shocked you did the closing better then the closer. We hope to stay at the Summit Ranch house for quite sometime so we probably won’t have much work for you in the near future, however Erin and I both are always looking to give out your name and recommend you to anyone who is buying or selling. Thanks so much for a great couple transactions!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    — Andy and Erin


     Amanda, Sabrina and I would like to thank you for all of your assistance throughout our relocation process. We are glad to have found such an honest and cool REALTOR! Without your help, who know where we would be at this point? We are happy to have “landed” in Highlands Ranch, we love it already! Thanks for handling the home inspection & closing in our absence. Your help was integral to making our move go so smoothly. If we know anyone else moving to the area, we will be sure to refer them to you.

— Thanks for Everything, Jason and Sabrina

               Just a quick note to express our sincere appreciation for the efforts you and your support staff put forward in helping… with our “house endeavor”. We sincerely appreciate your               willingness to truly listen to all facets of our requirements and then act accordingly… I am continually exposed to salespersons who tend to listen to a single dimension of a transaction… and then try to force the sale on the dimension only. You are truly a caring, high-energy, hardworking individual… we have made the right choice in selecting you… RE/MAX Alliance is lucky to       have you a part of their team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            — S. McNally, CPA

How can we ever thank you all enough? What a ride this past six months has been. And look where we are now! We absolutely love our new home, and we’ve had some fun painting and such with it. Thank you so much for your patience, hardwork and diligence with us! Even though I said I didn’t want to visit the office any more, I really did have a nice time visiting with you all! Anyone who hints toward needing a realtor – you know what we tell them. You truly are our Realtor for Life!

— Sincerely, Rusty, Hannah, Russele & Harrison


Thanks for being our agent …I just wanted to say thank you for being our agent and for helping us find such a beautiful home. I can only image that we would be considered an agent’s nightmare. We were indecisive, easily discouraged, and overly anxious when it came to the purchase of our new home. Yet, with each question we asked, you answered truthfully and with a smile; every time we complained, you comforted us; and each time we were discouraged you smiled and said “don’t worry”. I still remember our first meeting, where you spent two hours explaining Denver and the current housing market, listening to our goals and desires and answering all of our questions. There is no doubt in my mind after that first meeting, that we had found the right guy for the job. It still amazes me, that in such a seller’s market, you managed to find such a great deal on a beautiful house. It is everything that we were looking for. Rest assured that anytime I meet someone looking to purchase a home in the Denver area, the first words from my mouth will be “Joe DiVito is the best”. Thanks again for everything you have done.

— Sincerely, Daniel

We have been so lucky. Coming to Colorado, even for a short period of time, and having a Realtor like you taking care of us… You helped us choose the right home for our family and spent all the time needed… We think you are a great, dedicated Realtor and we would never hesitate to recommend you, anytime… You made our move to Colorado so easy. We felt we had friends in Colorado even before moving. From our Hearts, Thank You.

— Joan, Luc, Elissa and Laurence

Many thanks Joe…It is wonderful to have old friends from Steamboat! Thank you so very much for all your time, effort, patience and persistence in helping me purchase a townhome in Denver. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and efficiency of your staff… And all the time you spent with me, in person and on the phone was extraordinary! I’ve never had such great service from a real estate company. You treat every client very specially. I am real excited about my new townhome. It is fun, albeit a lot of work to fix up. But it is worth the time and effort. I think real estate is one of the best investments a person can make. It can only appreciate in value while serving as a home for us. We all think you are just great! Many thanks, Joe! I will recommend your real estate services and expertise to others. Hope to see you soon.

— Warm Regards, Linda

Amanda, Wow! Words cannot express how thankful I was to have you. There was some type of divine intervention when I chose you. There has been no one, in my experience, as professional and thoughtful as you are. You were there for me in a very crazy time and brought sunshine to my world. Please keep in touch, and again, thank you so very much for just being you.

– Rhonda J.

Amanda, I would like to thank you so much for ALL of your support through this transition in my life. I can honestly say, I chose the right person for the job! Your constant knowledge and dedication far exceeded my expectations! I would love to take you to lunch sometime-Please let me know when!

— Fondly, Jennifer

Amanda, I just wanted to say again how much I have appreciated your expertise, advice, and input throughout this process. I feel like I’ve gained a good friend along with a new house. It has been a pleasure to have you walk this new, scary, and exciting road with me. Thank you for being someone I could trust going to bat for me, talking me off the ledge (more than once), patiently answering all of my (endless) questions without making me feel like a total dork, and continually encouraging me along the way. You are a total Rock Star! I’m so thankful I had you on my side. This would have never happened without you along for the ride. I hope you’ll join me for a celebratory drink (or two) on my deck after we close!

— Love, Kristin

         Logan helped us purchase a home while we were relocating from another state, and we hardly knew anything about the areas surrounding Boulder and Denver. Her helpful can-do attitude       and        knowledge of the greater Denver and Boulder area assisted us in landing in a neighborhood that met our budget and fits well with our lifestyle. She took extra time while we were in town to shows us homes that hit the market on a daily basis, and was very flexible to make the most out of our tight schedule. If you’re concerned about the price of selling the home in the future, she will give you her honest opinion of what she thinks is the growth potential for the area you are looking. In times when the housing market is so competitive, you need a well-versed and proactive Realtor to help you find houses, show them to you, help you write an educated and fair offer, and hopefully put your dream home under contract. We’re so glad we had Logan guiding us in our home-buying journey, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home.

— “Boulderguthrie” on Zillow.com

Logan was great. She responded quickly to all my questions and was very flexible around my schedule. She always provided good insights as to what to look for in a home and pointed out both good and bad aspects of places we visited — plenty of things to think about that hadn’t occurred to me. Even beyond that, she was responsive to some of my doubts and worries through the whole process and offered up advice or encouragement. Definitely recommended. She knows what she’s doing, and really has your best interests in mind in finding you the home that’s right for you. I never doubted her and her abilities for a second. Plus she has a number of recommended contacts for the different things that pop up while buying a home and they’re all great too.

— Anonymous on Zillow.com

Logan helped my wife and I while locating a residence in suburban Denver. We were on a very tight time schedule and had little to no experience with the Denver market. However, we had been through the process of buying/selling a residence about 7 times in the last 25 years; we like to work efficiently with a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Logan’s work was spectacular, the best help I have ever had in real estate in 25 years, including home buying/selling, condominium purchase, and rental property. She went well out of her way to present herself professionally from start to finish (helped a lot by her legal background, I think), but most surprising to me was her help and commitment to us AFTER the sale-long after-when she had nothing more to gain financially. Needless to say, I can’t recommend Logan too highly.

— “Peeps47” on Zillow.com


     Since we were moving into a new area from out of state, we probably needed more help from our realtor than many buyers do. Logan was excellent in every aspect of the process, which in our case involved a lot of web searching from afar and a couple of intensive house-hunting trips. She was very knowledgeable and effective from start to finish, in addition to being friendly and a pleasure to work with. She also managed to strike that delicate balance between letting my wife and me sort through various questions about our respective priorities on our own, but interjecting just the right amount of opinion when we asked for it. We’re really happy with the home we ended up in and would recommend Logan without reservation.

– “user8098499” on Zillow.com


My wife and I moved from the East Coast in January of 2014 knowing very little about where to live and what areas might be a good fit. Logan helped us tremendously in our search and eventually lead us to the place we now call home. Her knowledge of the area as well as her understanding of what we were looking for were instrumental in putting us in a place we really love. I would give Logan my highest recommendation for anyone looking to rent or buy in the Denver area.

— “Joelboxer15” on Zillow.com


“Words cannot describe how fantastic it was to work with Justin!   We were buying and selling, which is never fun, and he moved us through the process effortlessly.  We were able to move out of our old home and then into our new home on the same day!  This was possible because of Justin’s hard work, knowledge and determination to make the whole situation seamless.  He is charismatic, always fun to be around and most importantly was ALWAYS available to answer our questions.  He is understandably the best at what he does!”  ~Mindy White


“Logan fully assisted me with the arduous task in finding and buying process of my first home.  Throughout, and since the beginning, she was very diligent, informative, prompt, professional, honest and thorough.  She has the tenacity and communication skills necessary to help ease the negotiations between agents, viewing homes best suited for me and advised me all while taking the time to explain and educate me on the endless documents involved in this endeavor.  I greatly respect her as a realtor and person.  Working with her made my experience of buying a house that much more wonderful to endure.  I would definetly refer Logan in the future to someone buying or selling a home in the future or in my own.  She rocks!  Plain and simple.”                                                                                                              

   — “Justin P.” on Zillow.com


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