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How Much Should I Pay? Pricing Considerations

Real estate agents frequently use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to estimate a property’s probable
selling price. CMAs help sellers decide on a listing price, whereas buyers use them to determine how much
they want to offer for a property…

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Under Contract? Five Things Not to do Before You Close

The seller has accepted your offer, the inspector didn’t find any underground streams or shaky foundations, and the closing date is set. You’re in the homestretch! While you can breathe a little easier, remember, the deal’s not done until everyone signs all the (zillion) documents at the closing table. And, your lender can still change […]

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Own It: Separating Wants from Needs

By Carriann Johnson, interior designer and TV personality As an interior designer for 16 years, I understand falling in love with the details. And it’s so downright exciting to shop for one of your largest investments – a home! But before you get carried away with your list of “dream features,” have you truly defined […]

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